Core to Extremity
Do you know the importance of the core to extremity principle? Here are the details.
Mindset, Modifications and Recovery:...
Do you know what to do if injury occurs? Take these steps
The Deadlift vs the Sumo Deadlift-What’s...
Do you know the difference between a conventional deadlift and a sumo deadlift? Here are the basics.
Accessory Exercises You Should...
Not sure about which accessory exercises to include post-WOD? Check out these suggestions.
Five Keys for New CrossFitters
New to CrossFit and trying to find your place at the box? Check out these five keys for new CrossFitters!
Looking for Progress? Try Logging...
Want to see more progress from your training? This one step can make all the difference.
Lifters, Sleeves, Belts, & Wrist...
Ever wonder when it's best to use your lifters, knee sleeves, weight belt, and wrist wraps? Here's the rundown on when to gear up, and when not to.
Fitness Outside of the Box
Looking for ways to put your fitness to use? Get out of the gym!
Creating Movement Symmetry
Are you aware of your mobility or strength limitations? One arm or leg stronger than the other? Here's how to address your imbalances.
The Details
The smallest details can often make the biggest difference. Here's how to use them to set yourself up for success in your training.
Pushing Through High Intensity...
What do thrusters, wall balls, and burpees all have in common? They are all high intensity movements that push your limits--here's how to power through.
Preparing for Regionals
Ever wonder how the top athletes in each region prepare to compete for a spot at the CrossFit Games? Here's a look at what goes into preparing for Regionals after making it through the Open qualifier!
Great Reasons to Branch Out--Within...
Not sure about attending that upcoming community event at your box? Feel uncomfortable going to that competition by yourself? Here's why you should consider branching out into your Crossfit community!
Dealing with Open Disappointment
Are you feeling frustrated with your Open performance or ranking? Here's how to deal with Open disappointment and channel it positively!
What You’ll Lose(and Win!) Through...
CrossFit can help you lose more than weight. Curious as to how these losses can become real gains? Here's why losing is actually winning!
Preparing for Memorial Day Murph
Check out these tips on how to best prepare for Memorial Day Murph!
Defining--and Appreciating--”Strength”
Are you still searching for that double bodyweight squat? Or are you looking for 10 strict pul-ups? Here's the difference between absolute and relative strength.
How to Crush Your Next Partner...
Partner WODs allow you to share the fun (and the suffering) with a buddy. Check out today's tips to crush your next partner WOD.
Scaling Reps to Improve Your Skills
Have you been working to advance your skill set inside the box? Here's why you should consider scaling reps instead of the movement itself!
Integrity in the Box
Do you know what it means to have integrity in your training? Do you hold yourself to certain standards? Don't overlook the importance of integrity in the box!
Paleo Snack Ideas To Take On The...
Check out these awesome paleo snack ideas you can take anywhere, anytime.
The Foundation of the Functional...
Think you’re too advanced for the air squat? Here's why you should show some respect for this foundational movement.
The Hollow Body
Do you know why the hollow body helps you move better in the gym? Check out these tips on progressing your hollow body and its importance in CrossFit!
Balance Outside the Box
Do you know what centers and grounds you? Find new ways to create more balance outside of the gym, and in your world!
At Home Workouts
Can’t make the time to get into the gym some days? Frustrated by missing out on fitness due to a busy schedule? Check out these at-home workouts to keep you on track.
The Truth Behind Personal Records
Do you feel like you haven’t hit any new PRs lately? Are you frustrated by what seems to be a lack of progress? Here's the truth behind personal records!
Easter Dinner Classics Turned Paleo...
What if we told you the Easter bunny delivers more than just sweets? Like say, a completely Paleo Easter dinner. And one that’s pretty darn tasty too.
Pre-WOD Jitters
Do you get nervous before attacking a tough WOD? Ever feel anxious leading up to a competition or training session? Check out these tips on how to handle pre-WOD jitters!
Measuring Success OFF the Scale
Has the number on the scale ever dictated how you’ve felt about yourself? Here are some healthier ways to track your progress and measure your success.
The Importance of Cooling Down
Resist the urge to lay on the floor after you wrap up a tough WOD--here are a few more effective ways to cool down and improve your mobility at the same time.
Healthy Hips for Life
Are you comfortable at the bottom of your squat? How long can you hang out there? Check out these ways to keep your hips healthy for life!
The Beauty of the Dark Place
Are you really pushing yourself as hard as you can at the box? Do you struggle to push past your limits? Learn how to get comfortable in your dark place.
Strength Training Structure in...
Are you always double checking the board to see how many sets and reps are prescribed? Here's how to better understand the whiteboard strength lingo and structure!
Learn to Love Your Burpees
Don't even think about skipping the WOD when you see burpees! Find out why we are so crazy about this super effective full-body movement!
Picking Up Odd Objects
How comfortable are you picking up sandbags, atlas stones, D-Balls, or kegs? Here's how to effectively get them off the ground.
Four Reasons Why You Should Care...
The speed at which you move is SO important, both in and outside of the box. It’s called agility, and this is why it benefits you.
Rethink Your Rest Breaks
Are you aware of the mid-WOD “crutches” that you use while trying to catch your breath? Check this out to see if you’re guilty of any of these rest break tactics.
A Guide to Box Jumps
Want to be more efficient and stay safe on your box jumps? Check out these tips!
More Ways to Love Sweet Potatoes
What's not to love about sweet potatoes? Here are a few more ways to indulge in this Paleo favorite.
3 Reasons Why Sports Massage Boosts...
Struggling to recover from your training? Sports massage may be the answer.
Sprint Training for Performance
Do you wish you were a little faster? Want to increase your one rep max lifts? Check out these reasons why sprints are so beneficial to performance!
Feel Your Feet to Lift More
Are you aware of your foot’s connection to the floor as you squat, deadlift, snatch, or clean? Here's why to pay attention to those feet!
Valentine’s Day Dinner Makeovers:...
Surprise your valentine this year with a decadent, homemade paleo dinner that’s too good to forget.
Know Thy Enemy: Sugar
Turns out sugar isn’t so sweet after all. Here’s why sugar is the Crossfitter's ultimate enemy.
Why You Should Sign Up for the...
Have you signed up for the 2018 Open? Here are 5 reasons not to miss this fun and challenging kickoff to the Crossfit Games season!
Paleo Baking 101
Don't let the thought of baking with Paleo ingredients send you running from the kitchen. Here’s your crash course on what to buy, and what to do (and not do!)
The Case for the Hook Grip
Do you struggle to hold on to the bar for high rep barbell cycling? The answer to your problems might lie in the hook grip.
Improving Your Power Clean
Power cleans are one of the many explosive movements in CrossFit. Efficient technique will allow you to add more weight and become more fluid in the movement. If you want to start adding mass and lifting more, here...
The Open is Coming
Are you ready for the CrossFit Open? Check out these tips on how to mentally and physically prepare for Open Season!
Build Strength to Progress Your...
Stuck using bands for pull-ups? Check out these ways to progress and improve your pull-ups in no time.
Healthy Wrists, Better Lifts
Cleans, front squats, and handstands have your wrists feeling banged up? Check out these tips on how to avoid wrist pain!
The Role of Box Squats
What role do box squats play in your training? Read on to find out.
Beyond The Hardboiled Egg: ‘Egg’cellent...
Check out these creative new ideas to make your paleo-friendly breakfast way more exciting.
Why You Haven’t Gotten a Ring...
Still searching for that first ring muscle up? Check out out these tips.
Five Things to do Post-WOD
Do you know what things you can be doing directly after class to help improve your overall experience in the box?
Why You Should Compete
Thinking about participating in your first competition? Here are some compelling reasons to go for it!
Surviving Running-Heavy WOD's
CrossFit WOD's that involve running can be intimidating, but they're totally doable with our quick guide.
Training Versus Practice
Do you understand the difference between training and practice? Read on to see why you should be incorporating both.
Strength Cycles and Hypertrophy
Do you understand the reasoning behind your strength cycle?
Benchmark Workouts
Do you have a favorite (or maybe least favorite) benchmark workout? Here are a few you should know!
Rework Your Warm-Up
Hips, shoulders, ankles feeling tight as your start your training? Rethink and rework your warm-up.
Your Personal Narrative
What story do you perpetuate about yourself inside the gym? Do you truly believe in yourself?
Touchdowns and Home Runs: How CrossFit...
Attention athletes: did you know that CrossFit can help you reach your goals on the field? Find out how.
The Best Hour of Your Day
Put yourself first and make the time to get your best hour of the day in at the box!
Going Strict for Strength
Go strict for strength. Follow these tips for staying injury free while strict pressing.
Patience While Learning the Olympic...
Frustrated with your Snatch or Clean and Jerk? Stay patient and keep practicing.
Paleo Eating for Kids
Considering putting the entire family on a paleo diet? Paleo is perfectly healthy for everyone.
Wondering About Intermittent Fasting?
We've got the 411 on intermittent fasting for you, and we've even divvied it up from the easiest to the most advanced options.
Video: Bar Positioning in the Overhead...
Bar positioning in the #overheadsquat can make you or break you! Follow these tips in this video to feel more confident with this lift.
Building a Foundation for Gymnastics
Want to improve your gymnastics skills for your WODs?? Start by mastering the basics!
I Believe I Can Fly! (Butterfly,...
Trying to get better at butterfly pull-ups? Try these three things to stay on track.
Appreciating Your Box's Programming
Not looking forward to today's WOD? Our programming is developed to make you better, more well-rounded athletes!
Looking for Intensity? Start with...
Looking for greater intensity in your WODs? Patience may actually be the key.
Take Care of Those Crossfit Hands!
Do you keep ripping your hands from too many pull-ups? Read these tips to learn how to keep those hands in tact!
Protein Drinks-What, Why and When?...
#Protein can be overwhelming! Learn the basics and grow from there!
CrossFit over 50: 3 Ways To Avoid...
Starting a new high intensity exercise program can lead to increased stamina and health--and doesn't have to lead to injuries!
Overhead Squat Basics
Keep these simple cues in mind for a great #OverheadSquat with every rep!
AM-What? A CrossFit Glossary for...
Are you new to CrossFit and want to learn the lingo? Check out this glossary of the most common used words to keep you in the know! #crossfit #crossfitlingo #crossfitglossary #crossfitterms
Why Finding A CrossFit Partner...
There are pros and cons to having a dedicated workout buddy at the box! Give it a think--we've outlined the good and the not-so-good.
Glute Smash with the Lacrosse Ball
A #glutesmash with the lacrosse ball is the perfect ending to a tough lower body workout! #crossfit
How to Shop the Supermarket Caveman...
Ever find the supermarket to be overwhelming and confusing? Try shopping it like a caveman!
How To Train For An Obstacle Course...
If you've ever wondered how to train for an obstacle course, Crossfit-style, we've got some answers for you!
Upside Down: Beginning Your Basic...
Handstands aren't just for kids! Learn how to work your way up to a freestanding handstand by following these simple progressions.
It’s All in the Hips: Perfect...
Are you new to the #kettlebell or just want to fix your form? Follow these simple tips to get the most from your kettlebell swings! #crossfit #kettlebell #kettlebellswing
How To Complement Your CrossFit...
What you do outside the box can assist with your performance when you’re in class. We’ve provided a little inspiration to get you started!
It’s All In Your Head
It's not just muscles that will help you reach that new PR--see why your mindset may be the deciding factor.
Proper Push-ups and the Modifications...
Struggling with push ups and need some help? Check out these progressions to get you on your way to pushing with the big dogs!
Fat In, Fat Out
Eating the right fats is just plain good for you! Read on to find out how good fats in your diet can mean less fat on your body.
Five Superfoods You Need To Know...
Ever wonder what the hype is with #superfoods? Check out these five you need to know about!
Breaking Down the Basic Deadlift
Deadlifts are a basic in every gym-especially your CrossFit box. Focus on the basics of this functional movement and reap the rewards.
Lower Body Injury? Here's How to...
Is a lower body injury hampering your workouts? Check out these ideas on modifying your WODs!
Going Paleo ‘Light’
If a strict #paleo diet isn't your cup of tea, maybe a "light" version is.
Get It Right: The Air Squat
The #airsquat is simple yet important--see how to do it properly and set the stage for all of your weighted squats!
The Power and Positivity of CrossFit...
The camaraderie in crossfit is a positive and powerful thing. It will be sure to have you coming back for more.
What’s The Deal With Benchmark...
Why exactly do we do these #benchmark #workouts? Read this to find out.
Proper Positioning in the Overhead...
Here's a quick "how-to" for overhead presses and fixing your faults. #crossfit #shoulderpress #pushpress #pushjerk
Paleo Sweet Treats You Need To...
Check out these hacks for satisfying your sweet tooth, just in time for Valentine’s Day!
Why You Should Eat, Drink, and...
Eat, drink, and wear (yes, wear) coconut to reap all of its benefits. Check out its many forms and benefits here!
Walking Lunges
Walking lunges can do wondrous things for your lower body--keep these tips in mind to get the most out of them in your WOD!
Breaking Down the ManMaker
ManMakers on the board and you're a little unclear on how to do this movement properly? Take a look here and learn!
Competition Day Eating: What To...
From the CrossFit Games to any other type of endurance challenge, it's important to be prepared with these hydration and meal planning tips.
Why Exercise and Drinking Don't...
Metcons and mai tais definitely don't mix. Check this out for more on why combining drinking and exercise is a bad idea.
What to Expect at CrossFit Level-1...
Getting ready for your CrossFit Level-1 Trainer Course? Check this out to learn what to expect! #crossfit #L-1TrainerCourse #crossfittrainer
Post-Holiday Tips For Getting Back...
Going back to pre-holiday healthy habits can be a challenge, but these 4 steps will help you get back down to business in no time!
Got a Minute? How to Effectively...
Check out these ways to use those few minutes at the end of your WOD to up your CrossFit game!
Paleo Tonight: Baked Salmon with...
Salmon is a Paleo staple--add this great version with rosemary and pecans to your repetoire!
How to Have a Productive WOD/ When...
Don't feel like working out today? Follow these tips to help motivate you and get you going! #crossfit #moreproductivewod
External Rotation: Find the Power...
Check out this video to see how much of a difference good external rotation can make in your #squats!
Protein Powders--Get Started with...
There are a variety of protein supplements available. Here is a quick breakdown of the most popular ones.
Squat Mechanics: Feet and Knees
Get all the depth and power you need for your #squats by being mindful of your knee position--here are a few tips!
CrossFit Gear Must Haves
Are you new to CrossFit and want to know what gear you need? Check out these suggestions that may help make your WOD a little easier!
Mind Your Manners: Drop-In Etiquette...
Going out of town for the holidays and looking to drop-in? Follow these simple instructions to help your experience be more positive!
Trip Planned? Keep crossFIT on...
Going away for the holidays and you don't want to miss a WOD? Here are some ideas to help keep you on track! #crossfit #travelingwods
Foam Roller: Outer Hip and Thigh...
IT Band issues? Try the #foamroller for your outer hip and thigh!
Fix Your Form: Handstand Walks
Check out these simple cues to help your handstand walks be the best they can be! #crossfit #handstandwalks
It's All in the Hips: Perfect Kettlebell...
Are you new to the #kettlebell or just want to fix your form? Follow these simple tips to get the most from your kettlebell swings! #crossfit #kettlebell #kettlebellswing
Video: Skip The Bands
Watch this video and learn how to Skip the Bands and still gain strength for your first unassisted #pullup!
Upside Down: Beginning Your Basic...
Handstands aren't just for kids! Learn how to work your way up to a freestanding handstand by following these simple progressions.
Tis The Season for Holiday Paleo...
Looking for tricks to surviving the #holidays #paleo style? We've got em!
Is Timing Everything? Thoughts...
Worrying about the exact timing of your meals before and after your WOD's? Check out what science says about the when, how and why.
CrossFit Over 50: Listen to Your...
Crossfitting over 50 means paying attention to what your body is telling you--read these suggestions for picking up on the cues.

CrossFit coaches often throw around the term “core to extremity” when discussing certain movements or skills. They often cue their athletes to “squeeze your butt,” “stay tight,” or “pull your ribcage...

As active human beings, it is quite likely that we will come across some sort of injury or physical irritation at some point--not necessarily even while we are training in or out of the gym. While this can be frustrating and seen as a setback,...

The deadlift is one of the most effective exercises for building strength, adding muscle, and improving athleticism. The deadlift is essential to human life; we all need to be able to safely pick things up and put them down.


We’ve all been there. You finished up the class WOD and are feeling great. That one hour just wasn’t enough to satisfy your hunger for training for the day. The question now becomes…what else should I do?  Practice those...

Ah, to be new to CrossFit again! So painful, so miserable, but oh so enjoyable all at the same time. PRs come fast and often. You feel like you world has been forever changed. Here are some important tips for newbie (really, any) CrossFitters:


Keeping a workout log is tremendously important in a sport like CrossFit for a variety of reasons. Whether you want to make it to the CrossFit Games or you just come in for an hour a day to sweat with friends, you need to keep track of your...